Epilogue: Kirkstone and Windermere

Until I was around 18 and leaving home for Uni, I had never really slept for any length of time in an urban or semi urban environment. The orange glow of a sodium street light and ambient light pollution, wasn’t something I’d had to endure too often. But for the past 20 years or so, […]

Gordale Scar to Grasmere

As a parent, and a weekday City drone, the chance to go turn in early and sleep in hotel-grade comfort as long as you want is a dream, so lusted after as to almost usurp the traditional bedtime longings. And yet, given the opportunity, I often find myself awake early, annoyingly refreshed. So it was […]

Sequel: Whitewell and Malhamdale

As a sequel (or a second series) goes, I’m not sure many studios would have given this one a green light. A long time overdue and much anticipated, if only in my mind, I have finally returned to the North; but it’s a more understated derivative effort this time around. In the intervening three years […]